LASIK Eye Surgery Preoperative Tests

Prior to initiating the LASIK procedure for myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism, you will need to undergo a series of preoperative tests, in order to make certain that you get the most accurate correction and follow-up possible.

Some of the preoperative tests include but are not limited to:

1. Complete Eye Exam
To determine the refractive error to be used for the laser treatment and that the eye is healthy. The refractive error is verified with a cycloplegic (dilated) technique. Various tests are also available to determine if you are predisposed to Dry Eye Syndrome and related symptoms.
2. Computerized Topographical Analysis (computerized video keratography)
This is a mapping of the eye surface by height and refractive power. The more sophisticated machine also measures the corneal thickness and the elevations of the front and back surfaces of the cornea. This is done to detect hidden evidence of corneal thinning such as might occur in the forme fruste (hidden) form of kerataconus.
3. Pachymetry
Pachymetry will be measured to determine the thickness of the cornea.
4. Tonometry
Tonometry is taken to determine the intraocular pressure. This measurement is a normal part of a complete eye exam.
5. Contrast Sensitivity Analysis
A contrast sensitivity test may done. Contrast sensitivity measures the ability of the eye to distinguish images under varying degrees of lighting. In some people, laser refractive surgery may cause a decrease in the ability to see at low light levels.
Your eye surgeon and staff will analyse the results of all of these tests to determine your chances of success with the LASIK procedure.

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